It’s official. The race is on.

At three a.m. on this dark but wondrous day here in Philadelphia, I began my chemotherapy for chronic myeloid leukemia in earnest. Racing for the cure, I was!

The process was a little bit anti-climactic since I only had to parse out two small pills from a child-proof plastic bottle, fill a glass with filtered water then somehow navigate this strange pairing into my physical being. No big deal, I was thinking.

The inevitable side effects from this strange brew are well documented in the literature and I braced myself for a visitation from some figurative bird of prey swooping down on me making me feel really bad. But, mostly nothing happened. At least today.

In four days from this dark but wondrous day here in Philadelphia our family is scheduled to board a plane and barrel our way through the higher atmosphere for four hours before finally landing on the island of St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands.

From St. Thomas we expect to be shuttled by van to the ferry which will take us to our favorite place on this blue marble: the island of St. John. Technically, our favorite place on St. John is Salt Pond Bay where we plan to spend days on end working hard at doing nothing.

I really hope the inevitable side effects from this strange brew treatment will hold off from expressing themselves until we reverse the process heading back to the airport on St. Thomas and landing back in Philadelphia four hours later.

I am sure that no one in this 215 area code pays much attention to a person enjoying some inevitable side effects from some strange brew so well documented in the literature.

Yeah, the race is on.

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