Banana Cancer Jeopardy

Okay, this Chronic Myeloid Leukemia diagnosis has caught my interest. Especially in addition to my other existing cancer diagnosis.

Those in the know tell me that targeted chemotherapy is available which can deliver an almost 90% effectiveness for keeping a soul like mine alive for anywhere from this particular day until that un-particular day when I slip on a banana peel on a Philadelphia sidewalk and go lights out.

Seriously, I have begun what is known as a lifelong treatment for this particular type of leukemia. Lifelong means that if I religiously follow the chemotherapy protocol I can expect to keep binge watching Twilight Zone episodes until I slip on that proverbial banana peel and go lights out.

However, stopping the chemotherapy at any time after initiation means that I can set my life’s version of an egg timer to twelve to eighteen months tops and spend the rest of that time listening to the syncopated clicking of the countdown timer to the end and no bananas, or peels, will be harmed in the process.

Alex, I’ll take Lifelong Treatment for 98 years…….

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