A Week of Salt Pond

Seems I am cleared to fly tomorrow with the family from Philadelphia to the island of St. John in the US Virgin Islands – actually the airport is on nearby St. Thomas – for a week of vacation and well-deserved rest for us all.

Well, I am cleared so long as I check in with the VA Hospital in nearby San Juan, Puerto Rico with my exact location on the island of St. John in the Coral Bay area by email once we get there.

Being under the care of oncology and hematology brings new complexities for a chemotherapy approach.

No problem. Do they expect to send in GPS-directed starfighters to collect me if something goes wrong and I fail to show up?

We plan to spend the week lounging on folding chairs at Salt Pond Bay- our favorite place on St. John – thinking big thoughts and indulging in some sun and bagged crispy things.

Later, I plan on spending some time at the Aqua Bistro (see below) in Coral Bay thinking lesser thoughts and indulging in some moonlight nothingness.

Thank goodness for open-minded oncos and hemas.

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