Aw, man! This is not good.

I am dutiful in my scheduled medical testing and, as such, I presented myself at the proper place and at the proper time last Friday for my scheduled blood testing with a smile on my face and a positive mental attitude.

I have no fear of these tests at all and within mere minutes my most vital bodily fluid was on its way to the computer-driven Bodily Fluid Testing Machine where surely rotating blinking lights and totally-intentioned robot arms would do their duty- as I did mine as a dutiful participant in all this – and render, yet again, another all clear signal and an admonition to go forth, live long, and prosper.

I had a spring in my step as I caught the train back home after all this and within an hour I was raking fall leaves from the front yard to the leaf pickup area across the street from our house.

Then, the phone rang.

It was the hospital calling and my coefficient of skepticism about this call hit max. Actually, ‘oh, shit’ was my first response to seeing the caller ID on my phone and something within me whispered down low that no one calls you if your tests are okay.

Well, my tests were not okay and I was summoned back to the hospital immediately for re-testing. Right now! Not good. And, within minutes I was back on the train to downtown Philadelphia.

I reported to the proper place at the proper time, as is my style, and noticed that folks there were looking at me a little differently. We re-tested my most vital bodily fluid again and, again, my results landed in face-clamp territory for those medical professionals.

Now, I am heading off for some testing and scans on Monday morning and I sense that my go forth, live long, and prosper blessing is morphing into go forth, see how long you can last and forget prospering.

Aw, man! This is not good.