Swans, Darts and Volvos

Years ago I played competitive English darts on the east coast. I drove my Volvo 145e from venue to venue and while I was barely good at the sport, I persevered. A number of English ex-pats competed in that league and brought some authentic, albeit unusual, language to the game.

The go-to competition dart game was ‘501’ which begins with 501 points for each player with the goal of reducing that score to zero by careful selection of where one landed on the board with each flight of three darts. First to zero wins.

One night I shot my three darts then chalked my score leaving me at 222 points. With that, my English competitor and cohort yelled out, “swans on a lake, mate”!

Now, I am a hillbilly from West Virginia and I had no idea what that meant but he proceeded to school me on how the number ‘2’ looks like a swan. Okay. I now get it.

So today my tenth 140/240/760 restore/reincarnation was fully ‘Swans on a Lake’ and I’ll take that as a good sign in memory of Bryan Thatcher who turned me on to bangers, smashers, shove-a-penny and swans.I wonder what ‘333’ is called in that dart world?

Disclaimer: the true, certified mileage of the 1992 240GL car is 322,222.

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